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The Tangelo Standard

We Guarantee the Quality Of Our Cars

Each of our used cars has gone through a thorough inspection to ensure they meet the expectations of a Tangelo car. Our cars are fully checked by our qualified technicians to ensure the condition and safety meets the Tangelo standard.

Tangelo StandardTangelo Standard

What Do We Check?

Every Tangelo car goes through our approved multi-point check. If a service is due within 3 months or 3,000 miles it will be completed. Every Tangelo vehicle will be supplied with a minimum of 6 months MOT. Tyres will be a minimum of 3mm across 75% of the tyre and of an even wear. Replacement tyres will be a mid-range brand unless the vehicle is a performance car or less than 2 years old in which case a manufacturer approved brand will be used.

    Minor body dents, typically those caused by door to door contact will be repaired and polished or touched up.

  • Light surface scratches that have not cut through the top coat will be repaired by polishing or touching up.
  • Chipping of paintwork that have appeared from everyday usage will be touched up and polished. For example, chips caused by stones flying off public road surfaces.
  • Any chipping and scratching of paintwork that has cut through the base coat and/or has caused corrosion of any kind which cannot be polished out will be removed.
  • Scratches and cracks in glass or stone chips with signs of cracking.
  • Dents on high profile panels such as bonnets or wheel arches, swage lines or solder edges will be repaired.
  • Industrial, chemical fall-out or other forms of contamination will be rectified.
  • Body panel misalignment not consistent with manufacturers finish will be repaired.
  • Previous body repairs and paint rectification - if there is evidence of poor colour match, ripples, preparation marks, visible overspray, masking lines or excessive dirt in paint, we will repair this.
  • Under-body damage affecting the structural integrity will be repaired.
  • Any missing caps or covers on the bodywork will be replaced.

    Chips in the glass which are greater than 5mm will be filled in, repaired or replaced.

  • Headlamp lenses with minor chips, which do not detract from the overall appearance based on age and mileage will be repaired.
  • Scratches and cracks in the windscreen glass with signs of cracking will be replaced.
  • Stone chips in the windscreen glass with signs of cracking will be replaced.
  • Cracks or damage to the windscreen within the drivers line of sight will be repaired.
  • Incompatible window etchings will be replaced.
  • Any holes or cracks in the glass or plastic covers of lamp units with be replaced.
  • Chips on windscreen, which are less than 5mm, providing they do not obscure the driver’s line of vision to a maximum of two per windscreen will not be rectified
  • Light scratches around the periphery of the windscreen will not be rectified.

  • Normal wear and tear to a carpet, trim and upholstery will be valeted.
  • Small holes or blemishes in the seats such as cigarette burns will be repaired.
  • Holes caused by the removal of telephone or accessory equipment will be texture repaired or colour matching plugs will be fitted.
  • Light staining from normal use will be valeted.
  • A small amount of scuffing to the door and luggage area treads and sills will be repaired.
  • Normal wear resulting in a minimal amount of minor damage and splits to rubber seals will be repaired.
  • Stains or discolouration of a permanent nature.
  • Tears, cuts, rips and holes through seat covers, headlining and floor covering will be repaired.
  • Broken or damaged interior mouldings, trim pads, instrument panel, sun visor or headlining will be repaired.
  • Torn rubber aperture seals will be replaced.
  • Damage to paintwork down to bare metal will be repaired or replaced.

  • Dirt or minor discolouration will be cleaned and polished.
  • Minor chips under 20mm to the vehicle alloy or steel wheel rim edge or wheel face will be touched in or polished.
  • Any scuffing or chips to the vehicle alloy or steel wheel rim edge above 10mm will be refurbished.
  • Any alloy that does not match in style or size to the others on the vehicle will be replaced.
  • Cracked or distorted wheel trims will be replaced.
  • Cracked or distorted alloy wheels will be refurbished or replaced.

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