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What is a Pre-registered Car?

21 Apr 2023

If you’re on the hunt for a used car and doing some research online, then there’s a good chance you’ve stumbled across ‘pre-registered’ car listings. But what are pre-registered cars? Why are they pre-registered, and what are the benefits of buying pre-registered cars?

These are common queries, and it’s important to understand the answers before committing to buying a ‘pre-reg’, the good news is that the Tangelo Team are on hand to answer your questions.

What is a pre-registered car?

A pre-registered car is a new car that has been registered by a car dealer before being sold to customers. Whilst pre-reg cars have never been driven by anyone but the dealer or for transportation, they are technically considered used cars, which present a number of benefits such as discounted prices, immediate availability, and plenty more.

What are the benefits of buying a pre-registered car?

Money to be saved

Although pre-registered cars are essentially brand new without any previous owners, they are considered used cars and will have, although very little, some miles on the clock from being driven around the forecourt, or for testing and dealership delivery. This used car status will immediately depreciate the car’s value, which means you can pick it up at a significantly lower cost than a new car, which is essentially what you’re buying.

Available immediately

Buying a brand-new car can often involve long waits for the vehicle to roll off the factory line, this could be due to parts shortages or even the continued impact of Covid-19. This is simply not the case for pre-registered cars, which are essentially brand new. Pre-registered cars are already in a dealership’s inventory, either sat on the forecourt or in storage, so are often available to buy and drive away immediately.

Manufacturer Warranty

Pre-registered cars are essentially new, and more often than not are still covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty. This means you’re protected against any problems with the car, giving you that all-important peace of mind on the open road.

No ownership history

Pre-registered cars have no ownership history, and there are several benefits that come with this. Firstly, your car will still have that new car feel and smell, something we all enjoy when jumping in a new set of wheels. But more importantly, it retains a higher resale value if you decide to part ways with the car further down the line, something you don’t benefit from when buying a used car with an ownership history.  

Higher spec

Pre-registered cars are usually equipped with a higher specification than the standard model, including features like upgraded alloy wheels, upgraded infotainment systems, and more advanced safety features. On top of the fact that pre-reg cars are essentially new but with the price tag of a used car, for a reasonable price you’re getting your hands on a high-spec car, for roughly the same price as a standard model.

Is a pre-registered car the same as an ex-demo car?

Whilst pre-registered and ex-demo cars share the fact that they’re technically second-hand vehicles, but are in actual fact basically new, there are some key differences that fall in favour of pre-registered cars.

The main difference is that pre-registered cars have not been used on the road, the few miles that pre-reg cars have registered will be from transport to the dealership, and testing in the factory. This is not the case for ex-demo cars which are often used as demonstration/test vehicles for potential owners to drive before committing to the purchase. Ex-demo cars can also be used as loan cars whilst a customer’s car is being serviced or undergoing repair. Whilst ex-demo car mileage is still very low, they may have some wear and tear from their time on the road, this is not the case for pre-registered cars.  

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