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Used Tesla Model Y Review

25 Oct 2023

Buying a used Tesla Model Y can make a lot of sense - it's practical, the range is reliable thanks to Tesla's charging network and the on-board technology makes it one of the best electric vehicles on sale today. 

So, if you’re on the lookout for a used Tesla Model Y for sale, where should you start? Here’s our guide to the best models and trim levels, as well as how much a used second-hand Tesla Model Y could set you back.  

How does it look?

With deliveries of the Tesla Model Y only starting in late-February 2022, you’re probably only just getting used to the sight of what looks like a taller Tesla Model 3 on our roads. And in essence, that’s exactly what this is. The great minds at Tesla have pumped the Model 3 full of growth hormones to raise the roof and provide more interior and boot space.  

Used Tesla Model Y

Looks-wise then, there’s not much to get excited about. The Tesla Model Y shares 75% of its parts with the Model 3, and it shows. The main differences come in the elevated seating position and the higher roofline. This will appeal to family EV buyers who need more space for the kids than the Model 3 could provide but do not want the intimidating size and price of the Model X.

On the inside, there’s a very similar minimalist design to the Model 3, with the large central touchscreen display dominating the dashboard and providing all of the control and information you need in one place. There are five spacious seats, with a seven-seat option coming soon, and all the interior materials are of a good quality, although it’s certainly not the best in the class. 

What’s it like to drive? 

The Tesla Model Y outperforms everything, electric or otherwise, in its class. It’s not quite as quick as the Model 3, which you’d probably expect given its meatier proportions, but it can still rocket from 0-60mph in less than five seconds. The Long Range version completes the straight-line test in 4.9 seconds, while the range-topping Performance model clocks an astonishing 3.5 seconds. The Standard RWD Model Y is slightly slower, reaching 60mph in 6.6 seconds. 

But it’s not all good news. The added height of the Model Y compromises its cornering slightly and the ride is also on the firm side when compared to its rivals. Its large wheels - 19-inch rims on the RWD and Long Range version as standard - aren’t particularly forgiving over potholes and you can be jostled around a bit on bumpier roads. However, there’s plenty of grip when you get into the corners, and overall the Model Y is an enjoyable and relaxing car to drive.

Used Tesla Model Y

Is a used Tesla Model Y reliable?

It’s still very early days for the Model Y, so reliability reports, particularly on preowned cars, are limited. On the whole, though, Tesla doesn’t have the best reliability record and there have been issues with the build quality. The majority of the issues seem to be on the American Teslas, which are manufactured in the US. The cars we get in the UK are manufactured in China and they don’t seem to be so badly affected. 

If you do experience any problems, you’re covered by a four-year, 50,000-mile warranty, which is 12 months longer than most of its rivals.

Which is the best preowned Model Y to buy?

There are three Tesla Model Ys to choose from: the Standard rear-wheel drive version, which is the cheapest of the three, the all-wheel-drive Long Range, and the Performance model. The basic Standard Model Y has a reported range of 283 miles, the Long Range is capable of a claimed 331 miles and the Performance can do 319 miles on a single charge. The Performance version also couples with that supercar-worthy acceleration.    

All versions of the Tesla Model Y have plenty of luxuries as standard, such as adaptive cruise control, climate control, heated faux-leather seats, keyless entry, and an electric tailgate. Therefore, you should base your decision on the range, performance and your budget. On that basis, we’d go for the Tesla Model Y Long Range, which helps to alleviate any range anxiety, particularly with it being a family car. 

How much is a used Tesla Model Y?

If you’re looking for a used Tesla Model Y for sale, you can expect to pay anything from £39,000 to £46,000 for a used Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD 5dr Auto. You’ll need upwards of £50,000 for the top-of-the-range Performance version, while the Standard RWD version has only very recently been released in the UK.  

Are you on the look out for a used Tesla Model Y? Take a look at Tangelo's current Tesla Model Y stock and get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable sales team to book an appointment or a test drive at our Exeter Customer Hub.

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