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Redefining EV Charging: Tesla’s New V4 Supercharger

06 Sep 2023

With Electric Vehicles (EVs) growing in popularity every week across the UK, and the 2030 ban on the production of petrol and diesel cars approaching quickly, the future couldn’t be more electric. With the auto industry’s future set, manufacturers across the world are constantly developing new technologies and resources to make owning an EV more achievable, but more importantly, easier.

On this note, Tesla has once again pushed the envelope to make EV ownership more accessible and convenient, with the worldwide introduction of the V4 Supercharger Network. Offering faster charging speeds, more simplicity, and sustainably sourced energy, the V4 Supercharger impresses, but it doesn’t stop there…

Compatible with All Electric Vehicles  

The reason Tesla’s new V4 Supercharger has sparked interest amongst all EV owners is due to the system’s compatibility with non-Tesla cars that are fitted with a Combined Charging System (CCS). Not only does this halt the divide between Tesla and non-Tesla charging facilities at the service station, but it allows for greater EV adoption and interconnectivity, and most importantly makes EV charging much simpler.

Beyond the practicality of this change, it also demonstrates Tesla’s commitment to advancing the world of electric vehicles beyond its own brand; a refreshing moment in such a dense and competitive EV market.

Simplicity and Convenience

Tesla knows that the future of EVs relies on making charging as easy and user-friendly as possible. With the V4 Superchargers, Tesla has introduced automatic cable management and a simplified user interface. You simply plug in, and the Supercharger takes care of the rest. No need to fiddle with cables or worry about complicated charging processes. It's all about simplifying your EV journey.

To make things even easier, charging cables in the UK are significantly longer, meaning you can simply plug in and charge no matter where your charging point is located on the car. Another development unique to the UK is the V4 Supercharger’s easy-to-use contactless payment screen which will be found on every charger.

Aligning With New Government Policy

In July 2023 the Department for Transport announced new regulations intended to make electric vehicle charging much easier for drivers, as well as more transparent. These include more resources to help EV owners find charging points across the UK, a universal pricing metric so drivers can compare charging prices, and much easier methods of payment.

The V4 Supercharger’s simplicity and practicality align with the new regulations perfectly; they’re accessible to all EV owners, easy to use, and conveniently placed. The future of EV charging across the UK is looking very bright indeed.

Speed Redefined

One of the standout features of the V4 Superchargers is their incredible charging speed. With peak charging rates of up to 350 kW, you can now add up to 180 miles of range to your Tesla in just 15 minutes. This means that long-distance travel is not only possible but also incredibly convenient. Could range anxiety be a thing of the past?

Strategic Locations

Tesla's commitment to providing charging options exactly where you need them is evident in the strategic placement of V4 Superchargers. They are strategically located along major motorways, ensuring that you can confidently plan long road trips without having to worry about where your next charge will be. This kind of accessibility is a game-changer for UK EV drivers.

Green Charging

Another feather in Tesla's cap is its commitment to sustainability. Tesla's V4 Superchargers in the UK are powered by renewable energy sources, aligning with the company's mission to accelerate the world's shift to sustainable energy. When you charge your Tesla at a new V4 Supercharger, you're not just driving an EV; you're driving an EV that's charged with clean, green energy.

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