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What does SVR mean?

18 Aug 2023

If you’re on the hunt for a used SUV but can’t decide between a car that focuses on luxury and practicality, or a car that prioritizes performance and handling, then there’s one obvious answer that stands out. A used Range Rover Sport SVR offers a terrific blend of premium design and aggressive performance, allowing drivers and passengers to enjoy the comforts of a large SUV, but also benefit from the impressive performance of a tuned-up sport car.

What is Range Rover SVR?

Standing for ‘Special Vehicle Rating’, SVR is a high-performance variant of the Land Rover Range Rover Sport, these models are tuned and designed for enhanced performance and driving dynamics.

Signified by a powerful engine, an upgraded suspension, improved brakes, and various other performance enhancements, SVR models are designed to offer a balance between luxury and high-performance driving, making it a popular choice among car buyers looking for both refinement and sportiness in their SUV.

Where performance meets luxury

The Range Rover Sport SVR is known for its combination of luxury and performance resulting in an exceptional driving experience. Its striking exterior showcases aggressive styling, whilst the interior offers sporty upgrades to seating, materials, and technology. Under the hood lies a robust V8 engine boasting impressive horsepower and torque, and the tuned exhaust not only sounds brilliant, but enhances performance.

In this blog we’ll explore in more detail the appearance, performance, and upgrades on the Range Rover SVR, but to put it simply, the SVR features come together to prove that luxury has not been sacrificed for performance, in fact, it's elevated by it…  

Exterior and Interior Design

The Range Rover SVR’s eye-catching and aggressive design means that it stands out quickly from standard Range Rover models. Starting on the outside, the SVR exudes a bold and athletic demeanor, featuring larger alloy wheels with unique designs that not only enhance the car’s stance but also accommodate high-performance tires for improved grip.

Aggressive styling such as a redesigned front grille with a mesh pattern, larger air intakes, and distinct badging, give the SVR a more commanding presence. Whilst aerodynamic enhancements like sculpted side skirts and a rear diffuser contribute to its sporty appeal.

Moving to the SVR’s interior, its cabin is a testament to the combination of luxury and sportiness. The sports seats are enhanced to provide excellent support during spirited driving but also maintain comfort during everyday journeys. Interior materials exude refinement, with options for premium leather upholstery and distinctive trim choices. Contrasting stitching, SVR badging, and unique colour combinations also contribute to the SVR’s special identity.

Technology and Driver Assists

The Range Rover SVR's interior technology and driver assists combine to offer an exceptional driving experience and further highlight the SVR’s combination of performance and luxury. The cabin features cutting-edge infotainment which is highlighted by the user-friendly touchscreen display that provides access to navigation, smartphone integration, and entertainment options. The premium audio system ensures an immersive sound experience, elevating the ambiance and driving experience.

In terms of driver assists, the SVR stands out with a range of advanced features. Adaptive cruise control adjusts speed based on traffic conditions, while lane departure warning helps maintain safe lane positioning. Automatic emergency braking reduces the risk of collision, whilst the 360-degree camera system aids supports parking and tight maneuvering, and connectivity features like USB ports, Bluetooth, and optional Wi-Fi hotspots cater to modern connectivity needs.

Performance and Handling

The marriage of performance and luxury is the common theme for the Range Rover SVR, and this is truly highlighted by the excellent performance and driving dynamics of the Special Vehicle Rating model.

At its heart is a robust V8 engine that delivers exhilarating performance for such a sizeable car. For example, the 0-60mph time for the 2022 Range Rove SVR available at Tangelo is an impressive 4.3 seconds, the 2022 model also produces 700 Nm of torque and a whopping 567 horsepower. Adding to this is the SVR’s tuned exhaust system, not only does it sound aggressive and turns heads, but it contributes to the car’s overall presence and performance.

Again for such a large car, the SVR’s handling is a fantastic example of engineering, with sport-tuned suspension striking a remarkable balance between precision and comfort, ensuring confident cornering and stability. The advanced all-wheel-drive system paired with dynamic stability control, provides exceptional grip on various surfaces, contributing to both performance and safety. The SVR's agility is further emphasized by adaptive dampers and active air suspension, enabling adjustments to ride height and firmness.

Overall, the combination of enhanced performance and handling features transforms the Range Rover from a refined cruiser to a dynamic road performer with the simple flick of a switch. They combine to create an SUV that offers an unmatched blend of power, agility, and luxury, making every drive an exciting experience while maintaining the comfort and sophistication expected from Range Rover.

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