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Porsche Panamera Hybrid Review: Where Luxury Meets Performance

24 Jul 2023

Currently available on the Tangelo website, the 2018 Porsche Panamera 2.9 V6 E-Hybrid represents Porsche's commitment to combining high performance with environmental consciousness. As a plug-in hybrid, the luxury Panamera delivers the dynamic driving experience that Porsche is renowned for, whilst also offering improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

And as we have a used Porsche Panamera available at Tangelo, we’ve explored the various aspects of the luxury sports car, including its performance, design, comfort, technology, efficiency, and driving experience.

Exterior Design

The Panamera maintains the elegant design of its non-hybrid counterparts, instantly recognizable as a Porsche. Its sleek and low-slung silhouette offers a sense of sportiness while maintaining an air of sophistication, whilst the sculpted lines and angles result in a muscular and commanding presence on the road.

At the front are Porsche's iconic LED headlights which add a touch of aggression to the overall appearance, adding to this are the large air intakes that not only contribute to the vehicle's athletic stance, but also help cool the powerful engine and hybrid system. From the side, the Panamera's gently sloping roofline flows seamlessly into the rear, creating a coupe-like profile that hides the four-door practicality.

The well-proportioned alloy wheels and distinctive door handles complete the elegant look, whilst the sleek rear lights connected by a horizontal LED strip emphasize the car's width. Sticking to the rear, the dual exhaust tips add a hint of sportiness, hinting at the car's dynamic capabilities. Overall, the Panamera successfully blends aesthetics with function, resulting in a head-turning and sophisticated luxury sports car.

Interior and Comfort

The interior design and comfort of the 2018 Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid exemplify the perfect combination of luxury, functionality, and advanced technology. As soon as you step inside, you're greeted by a luxury cabin, carefully crafted with premium materials, from the soft leather seats to the sleek dashboard adorned with aluminium accents. The overall interior design exudes a sense of elegance and sophistication, creating a welcoming and driver-focused environment.

When it comes to comfort, the Panamera's spacious interior provides ample legroom and headspace for all passengers, ensuring a comfortable ride even on long journeys. Both the driver and passengers benefit from supportive seats with customizable settings to cater to individual preferences.

With its exceptional interior design and attention to comfort, the Panamera E-Hybrid elevates every driving experience, making it an ideal choice for those seeking both luxury and performance in a hybrid sports car.

Technology and Driver Assists

The used Porsche Panamera is bursting with cutting-edge technology and a wide range of driver assists that come together to offer an advanced and safe driving experience. At the heart of the Porsche is its innovative hybrid system, blending a 2.9-liter V6 engine with an electric motor, delivering both impressive power and improved fuel efficiency.

The car features the German manufacturer’s infamous Porsche Communication Management (PCM) infotainment system, equipped with a user-friendly touchscreen display, voice control, and smartphone integration, offering easy access to navigation, entertainment, and communication.

Driver assists in the Panamera include adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and forward collision warning with automatic emergency braking, enhancing safety and reducing the driver's workload during long journeys. Moreover, the car is equipped with an advanced parking assist system, making maneuvering in tight spaces effortless.


Under the hood, the Panamera 2.9 V6 E-Hybrid boasts a powerful hybrid powertrain, combining a twin-turbocharged 2.9-liter V6 engine with an electric motor. Together, these power sources produce an impressive combined output of approximately 462 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque. This electrified powertrain enables the Panamera 2.9 V6 E-Hybrid to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in around 4 seconds, offering thrilling performance comparable to its non-hybrid siblings.

Porsche's engineering reputation shines through in the hybrid system's seamless integration, with smooth power delivery and minimal discernible transitions between the gasoline engine and electric motor. The vehicle can be driven in all-electric mode for short distances, providing a serene and emission-free driving experience for city commutes and low-speed urban travel.


One of the primary advantages of the Panamera E-Hybrid is its impressive fuel efficiency and reduced environmental impact. The plug-in hybrid system allows the vehicle to operate in all-electric mode for a limited range, reducing fuel consumption and exhaust emissions during city driving and short trips.

The Panamera 2.9 V6 E-Hybrid's fuel economy is particularly notable on longer journeys, where its hybrid powertrain contributes to a more economical driving experience compared to its non-hybrid counterparts. The vehicle's E-Hold and E-Charge modes enable drivers to control when the electric power is used, providing greater flexibility in managing fuel consumption.

Handling and Dynamics

As expected from a Porsche, the Panamera excels in terms of handling and driving dynamics. Despite the additional weight from the hybrid components, the vehicle's performance remains sharp and agile, delivering a dynamic and engaging driving experience.

The intelligent hybrid system not only enhances fuel efficiency but also contributes to a lower centre of gravity, improving overall stability and handling around corners. The impressive torque from the electric motor provides swift acceleration, complementing the power from the 2.9-liter V6 engine, resulting in impressive performance.

The Panamera's well-tuned suspension system, coupled with its all-wheel-drive capability, offers precise and responsive handling, inspiring confidence in both urban settings and winding roads. The steering is communicative and provides excellent feedback, allowing the driver and even passengers to have a genuine connection with the car.

Whether cruising on electric power or pushing the car to its limits, the 2018 Porsche Panamera 2.9 V6 E-Hybrid showcases exceptional handling and dynamics, making it a compelling choice for enthusiasts seeking a perfect balance between efficiency and exhilaration.

Do you like what you see?

If the attractive design, high performance and environmental benefits of the Porsche have caught your eye, then you’ll be pleased to hear that our used Porsche Panamera at Tangelo is primed and ready for its next owner.

With three previous owners (all private) since 2018, the Porsche has 24,352 miles on the clock and a full Porsche service history. And like every car at Tangelo, the used Porsche Panamera reaches the Tangelo Standard, which guarantees the quality and condition of the car.

To make things even better, at Tangelo we make finding your next very easy indeed. If you’d like to visit our dealership in Exeter, then please feel free to visit our Customer Hub to meet with our Sales Team and learn more about the car, plus take it for a test drive! Or if you’re a distant customer and can’t make it to Exeter, our team will be more than happy to give you a virtual tour of the car, answer any of your questions on a call, and even deliver the car to your front door.

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