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Driving to a Music Festival: Essential Packing List

24 May 2024

With lineups being announced, camping arrangements made and saving pots building up, music lovers across the UK and gearing up for festival season, and we’re on hand to help with the packing!

Whether you’re a seasoned festival-goer or you’ve just passed your driving test and this is your first festival road trip, there are plenty of essentials you may have forgotten:

Car essentials

Make sure to be prepared for any car-related issues by packing all the car health basics and essentials. This includes engine oil, windscreen wash, and water in case your car’s levels drop whilst you’re out and about in the heat. Make sure to pack evidence of your car insurance policy, your driver’s license, and vehicle registration, you probably won’t need them, but better safe than sorry right?

Moving on to more luxury items, if you’ve got the space and budget, have you considered a car cooler box or portable fridge? Powered by the cigarette charger in your car, a portable fridge can turn camping into glamping with some chilled drinks and fresh food! And as a general tip, taking a car to a music festival really is a luxury, so make sure to make the most of all the storage space available and fill it with camping supplies, food and drink, and all the other important bits to keep you going.  

Camping essentials

How many times have you unpacked your bags in a field, only to realise that you’ve forgotten tent poles, torches or loo roll? Make sure to pack all the bits that will ensure a comfortable and enjoyable outdoor experience. Starting with the basics, make sure you unpack and test your tent in the garden before leaving, this way you’re familiar with the instructions, and you know you’ve got everything you need! When it comes to sleeping kit, if you’ve got a car then make the most of this opportunity and pack some extra pillow and quilts, why suffer when you can add an element of luxury?

Adding to the enjoyment, make sure to pack a comfortable camping chair, don’t be that person awkwardly standing for three days or always searching for a dry spot on the grounds. Adding to luxuries, if you’ve space for a portable camping stove or BBQ, then bring it! Festival food prices are ridiculous, as are the long queues to get served, so cut the wait and bring a stove so you can cook up your own feast.

Don’t forget the smaller items! When packing for a music festival, it’s easy to forget bits and bobs that could really help out if needed. These include torches for finding your way to the loos at 3 am, spare batteries for your tech, and a mini first-aid kit in case anyone has an accident!


We can all guarantee one thing at British music festivals, and that is just how unpredictable the weather will be, meaning packing the right clothes is always a tricky job. Make sure to strike a balance between style, comfort, and practicality. Opt for lightweight and breathable tops like t-shirts, tank tops, or blouses paired with comfortable bottoms such as shorts, lightweight pants, or skirts.

Layering is key, so pack a lightweight jacket or hoodie for cooler evenings. Choose closed-toe shoes or trainers for comfort and support, and don't forget to bring swimwear if there are water activities. Always bring a durable raincoat or poncho for those inevitable showers, and remember to pack enough pants, socks, and sleepwear, plus a backpack to carry your essentials during the festival.

Food and drink

When it comes to food and drink for a music festival, it's important to pack items that are easy to carry, require minimal preparation, and can withstand the outdoor environment! Non-perishable snacks like granola bars, trail mixes, dried fruits, and crackers are convenient options that provide quick energy. Pack some canned goods or pre-packaged meals that can be easily heated up if cooking facilities are available.

Don't forget to bring plenty of water to stay hydrated throughout the weekend, and consider bringing electrolyte drinks or sports drinks to replenish essential nutrients! If the festival allows it, you can bring a cooler filled with perishable items like sandwiches, fruits, and drinks. Remember to label your food and keep perishables properly chilled with ice. Be mindful of any restrictions on glass bottles or alcoholic beverages, and check if there are food vendors or options available at the festival to supplement your supplies.

So if you've got your tickets and camping gear ready but just need a car to get you there, browse Tangelo's used car range and book an appointment with our team in Exeter

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