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MOTs: Are the rules about to change?

28 Feb 2023

At the start of 2023 the Department for Transport partnered with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) to announce a period of consultation to seek views on how to improve MOT testing in light of the fast development of vehicle technology and reliability.

To put it simply, since the MOT was introduced in 1960, and particularly in the last decade, new cars have become significantly safer on the roads and much more reliable. As a result, the Department for Transport is looking into changing the date of the first MOT for new light vehicles from three to four years, which would save motorists across the United Kingdom a whopping £100 million a year in MOT fees.

It’s safe to say that one key factor in this reassessment of MOT requirements is the fast-growing list of safety features that now come as standard on modern cars. Whilst most of these safety features were not long ago considered a luxury, features such as Lane and Stability Assist, Automatic Emergency Braking, Driver Assist Tools, and Improved Traction Control are now standard on new cars. As a result, the human error factor in road accidents is significantly lower, and the health longevity of cars is higher, meaning an MOT after just three years of buying a new car might not be needed.

Another proposed change to MOTs are new measurements to improve the testing of vehicle engine pollutants such as Particulate Number (PN) and NOx. In a fast-growing climate crisis, this would ensure more accurate monitoring of emissions to tackle pollution and further incentivize earth-conscious car buyers. To add to this, the consultation will explore if EV and Hybrid batteries should be tested to further improve the safety and reliability of modern, electric cars.

To stay up to date on the proposed MOT changes, head to www.gov.uk/transport.

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