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Tangelo’s most popular used car manufacturers

26 Dec 2022

The team have been looking back at a very exciting year for Tangelo. We’ve already uncovered the most popular car colours amongst our customers, and now, after looking back at our sales for the year, we’re delving into our most popular car manufacturers!


Accounting for almost 20% of all manufacturers sold at Tangelo this year, we’re not surprised at all to see Mercedes-Benz once again topping the Tangelo charts! From the premium E-Class to slick SLKs, Mercedes-Benz C-Class, and many more models, we’ve parted ways with many Mercedes-Benz this year, but we’re always glad to see the smiling faces of their new owners.


Following up in second place and accounting for 13% of all car brands sold is Audi, and once again we’re not surprised to see it! With a range of Family SUVs, Coupes, Estates, and even the odd Supercar available on the Tangelo website, there’s always an Audi for everyone, and the numbers are there to show it!


With BMW ranking third in our most popular car manufacturers of 2022, the German Giants of Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and BMW have officially locked out our top three!

Accounting for 11% of all cars sold at Tangelo, we’re not shocked to see BMW towards the top, as we’ve lost count of the number of 1 Series and 3 Series we’ve seen leave the Tangelo gates on their way to a new owner in the UK!


Ok quick update, the German powerhouses have actually locked out our top four manufacturers of 2022, with Volkswagen accounting for 10.5% of all cars sold at Tangelo this year! Delving a little deeper, we’re not surprised to see the most popular Volkswagen models being the Golf TDI and TSI, as well as the family favourite, the Tiguan.

Land Rover

Ranking fifth in our most popular manufacturers, and our first non-German brand in the rankings is Land Rover which accounted for 7% of all Tangelo cars sold in 2022. And with so many spotted on the roads across the UK, you won’t be shocked to hear that the most popular Land Rover models include the Range Rover Evoque, and the Discovery Sport!

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