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Keeping Your Car Safe

12 Apr 2024

In today's world, car safety goes beyond just wearing seat belts and driving responsibly, and the latest car crime statistics released by the Office for National Statistics prove just that. Between September 2021 and September 2022, the UK saw a 29% rise in vehicle thefts, and a 14% rise in all types of vehicle crimes, with over 391,000 cases recorded in this period.  

Unfortunately, it’s never been more important for car owners to take proactive measures to keep their vehicles safe and secure. Here are eight Tangelo tips to help you safeguard your car from theft, break-ins, and other risks.

Park wisely  

The first line of defence for your car's security begins with where you park it! Whenever possible, choose well-lit, busy areas with CCTV in operation. Parking near other vehicles or in populated areas reduces the chances of your car being targeted, and fall into the habit of using secure car parks or private driveways whenever available.

Lock up!

Yes it sounds obvious, but so many car thefts occur due to owners simply forgetting to lock their vehicles. Develop a habit of double-checking the doors and boot before walking away, plus ensure all windows are fully closed. Consider installing an aftermarket car alarm system that adds an extra layer of security and deters potential thieves.

Hide your valuables

Leaving valuable items visible in your car is an open invitation to thieves. Stow away electronics, bags, and other valuable belongings in the trunk or glove compartment before parking your car. If you must keep something valuable inside the vehicle, consider using a lockbox or hiding it in a discreet location.

Consider a tracking system

This step doesn’t necessarily prevent someone from stealing your car, but it certainly helps in the worst case scenario! A GPS tracker significantly increase the chances of recovering your car in the event of theft. These devices allow you to monitor your vehicle's location in real-time and help authorities track it down. Make sure to invest in a reputable tracking system, and ensure it’s installed properly and activated.

Use anti-theft devices

Anti-theft devices act as deterrents and make stealing your car much more challenging, and there’s a good chance you’ve spotted a few about already! Steering wheel locks are certainly the most common, other options include tire locks and pedal locks which simply make it more difficult for thieves to drive your car away. Other choices include electronic immobilizers such as ignition kill switches, and smart keys which prevents thieves from starting the vehicle.

Caution is KEY

Again, this may sound simple, but safeguarding your car keys is essential. Avoid leaving spare keys in obvious places such as under floor mats, in plant pots, or inside the glove compartment. Instead, keep them in a secure location or consider using a keyless entry system. Be vigilant when lending your keys to others, and don’t lend your keys to someone you don’t trust or know!

Be aware in public

When parking in public spaces, simply being aware of your surroundings can have a big impact. Fall into the habit of quickly scanning the area for suspicious people or activities, if you notice anything unusual, trust your instincts and find a safer parking spot, why take the risk? For extra caution, avoid leaving your car unattended for extended periods, as it may attract unwanted attention. If you’re parking in public overnight, then try and find a secure car park, or park under a streetlight which could deter someone from breaking in.

Stay up to date

It may sound a bit much, but staying updated on the latest car security technologies and products could really make a difference. Spotting a highly rated review or demo online could be the difference between keeping and losing your car. Research the market, understand the different security systems and their features, and learn which is best for your car.

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