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Fuel Saving Tips

13 Jun 2022

It’s no secret, the cost of fuel in the UK has risen immensely this year and it doesn’t look like it will be levelling out and stopping anytime soon.

We have put together some helpful tips for improving your fuel consumption, making your vehicle more efficient and reducing your petrol and diesel costs.

Check Your Tyres

Keeping a close eye on the pressure of your tyres will help preserve your fuel for as long as you can. If the air in your tyres is slightly low you will be using more fuel to keep your car running due to the friction from the road and the tyres having to work harder for a smoother ride. You can check your tyre pressure at a number of petrol stations, a number of these offer the service free of charge.

Turn Off Your Air Conditioning

As tempting as it is to keep your air conditioning on all year round, it uses a lot of fuel. Air conditioning puts extra pressure on the engine to keep the car cool, making it work harder and ultimately upping your fuel costs. It’s a good idea to save your air conditioning for those really warm days or longer journeys and opt for open windows when driving at lower speeds.

Lighten Your Load

The heavier your vehicle, the more fuel it needs to move. So if you’re using your car for additional storage it’s time to find somewhere new to store your golf clubs. It is even recommended that you remove a roof box or roof bars if you aren’t using them. The less you are carrying, the more efficient your drive will be.

Drive Carefully

Driving inconsistently with harsh braking and unpredictable gear changes can cause your car to consume more fuel. Being gentle with the accelerator and driving in a higher gear will minimise the fuel you’re using. So go easy on the break and opt for smooth driving over erratic braking.

Keep On Top Of Maintenance

Ensuring you look after your car well and keep its servicing up to date will improve the efficiency of your drive. A more efficient vehicle equals less fuel consumption when out and about.

Switch To Electric

Choosing an electric car or hybrid car gives you that opportunity to skip the filling pumps all together. Charge your car from home or at a public charging point, often found at supermarkets.

If you feel investing in a new vehicle may be more beneficial for you in the long run, we are here to help. Take a look at our range of cars online.

It's no secret, the cost of fuel has risen substantially this year, and it doesn't look like it will be slowing down anytime soon.


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