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Electric Cars – What do we need to know?

02 Oct 2023

The UK government has announced a delay in the ban on sales of new petrol and diesel cars, extending the date from 2030 to 2035. Although the wait is now five years longer, drivers are already beginning to adapt to the impending change and we are starting to see more electric cars on our roads.

An electric car has previously been associated with old-fashioned styling and only being able to make short journeys – this is no longer the case! With leading manufacturers launching their own take on the electric cars, style is now just as important in the design of the car as the engine is.

We have highlighted some frequently asked questions that we have come across when customers come to us for their used electric car.

What is the range of an electric car?

The range of an electric vehicle has certainly exceeded the expectations we saw when they first hit the UK roads. Most modern electric vehicles now have a range of 130-300+ miles depending on the size of the battery. The variety of electric cars available on the market now means it is easier for drivers to find something that meets their lifestyle.

It is worth remembering that range will be impacted by using other functions of the vehicle such as the heating, air conditioning and  entertainment features, all of which use energy. However, opting for Eco mode means some of that energy will be repurposed via regenerative braking. It is also worth considering the load that will be carried in the electric vehicle as this will also affect your range.

Are public electric charging points free to use?

Nowadays there are thousands of free charging points available across the country. These are usually be found in public areas such as supermarkets, public car parks and shopping centres. If you do need to pay for your charging, you can do so on a pay as you go basis or even on a monthly subscription.

How long does charging take?

The speed of charging depends on the type of plug that you are using.

Slow Charge – If you are using a domestic three pin plug you will be using a slow charge. This mode of charging takes from 6 – 12 hours (for a fully electric vehicle), and is therefore ideal for those who are able to plug their car in overnight.

Fast Charge – This type is available from a home Wall Box and is often the preferred home or workplace charging option. These chargers are available in 7 – 22kw. A fast charger will fully charge an electric car in 3 – 7 hours.

Rapid Charge – These chargers are by far the fastest and can charge an electric car to 80% in up to 40 minutes. They are often found in service stations and larger supermarkets or shopping centres.

How do I find a charging point?

The interactive ZapMap app uses your location to give you a full list of charging points near you, and the ability to choose the type of connector that you’re looking for.

A number of vehicles also have built in systems, which will help you navigate and plan your journey to meet your charging requirements.

What are the environmental impacts of electric cars?  

Fully electric vehicles have zero Co2 emissions which is, of course, much better for the environment than traditional combustion engines.

Can an electric car tow a caravan?

This is dependent on the vehicle you choose, but yes, electric cars can tow a caravan.

What is the drive like?

Driving an electric car is just like driving a petrol or diesel vehicle, enhanced by a peaceful near-silent cabin experience, along with an exhilarating acceleration performance. The silence of the engine means that the acceleration feels even more thrilling!

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