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Car Servicing in Exeter: Tangelo Auto Centre

10 Dec 2023

From supporting our customers through the car-buying process to finding the best finance plan that works for you, at Tangelo we’re committed to helping you find the car you’ve been looking for. This year we made a commitment to support you even further, by launching Tangelo Auto Centre.

Tangelo Auto Centre is on hand for all your motor needs with Vehicle Servicing, MOTs, and Vehicle Health Checks all available at Hill Barton Business Park on Sidmouth Road in Exeter. Open from Monday to Saturday, our team of expert technicians offer decades of industry experience to not only maintain your vehicle’s health and value but reduce the risk of breakdown, giving you that all-important peace of mind on the open road.


What’s included in a Tangelo Auto Centre Service?


Our team of expert technicians will start by checking inside the car to ensure its safety and longevity, these checks include the effectiveness of your vehicle’s brakes, the steering controls and column, the gearbox, and the horn. To save you the worry, we’ll also check for any dashboard warning lights and let you know what we find, we’ll then check the safety of the seatbelts in the front and back, and the external door locks for your own security.


Stepping out of the vehicle, the Tangelo technicians will check the car for body damage which includes the wheels and fuel cap seal. They’ll also check for any exhaust smoke, the operation of exterior lights, as well as the tire sizes and condition. For your own safety the team will then check the windscreen wipers condition, top up any screen wash and ensure the jets are aligned on your bonnet. Finally, the team will check for any chips or cracks in the windscreen, check the condition of the number plate, and lubricate the bonnet catch.

Under The Bonnet

One of the most crucial stages of a vehicle service; our under the bonnet checks include topping up the engine oil, checking for oil and coolant leaks, and assessing the condition of the radiator, cooling fan and drive belt. Our technicians will also lubricate any battery terminals, and check over the battery to ensure its security and condition.

Under The Body

Lifting the car in the air, the Tangelo technicians will get under the car to make checks that include the condition of the undertrain, fuel lines, fluid levels, brake pads and brake hydraulics. The team will top up the power steering reservoir if needed, and check for any corrosion among the steering and suspension components.

Final Checks and Add-Ons

Our technicians’ final checks include resetting the vehicle service light, stamping the service book, and finishing with a vehicle road test. But it doesn’t stop there! To further ensure your vehicle’s health and value, Tangelo Auto Centre offers a range of add-ons that include brake fluid, air filters, spark plugs, and transmission oil.

How Do I Pay For A Service?

As with any other car service, customers are able to pay in full on the day and drive away with a fully serviced car with everything paid for. But at Tangelo we understand that the cost of a vehicle service can be tough during the current cost of living crisis, and that’s where Bumper steps in!

Tangelo is a Bumper Partner, meaning you can spread the cost of your vehicle service and any add-ons with interest-free instalments so you can service now and pay later. Setting up a Bumper account is quick and easy, in fact, it takes most customers no more than a couple of minutes to do so.

When it comes to paying with Bumper, simply give a member of the Tangelo Team your Bumper Code which can be found in your Bumper account, you’ll then receive a link to set up the payment plan where you can then choose the number of months you’d like to spread the cost over, or choose a repayment date that works for you.

Book your service or MOT, or to find out more about Tangelo Auto Centre, please just get in touch with the team by calling 01395 201222 or emailing [email protected]. If you have any more questions, there’s a good chance we’ve already answered them in our FAQs!

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