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Audi Q7 Black Edition Quattro 2022 Review

18 Oct 2023

If you’re on the hunt for a used SUV that combines fantastic performance with a striking design, and luxury, then look no further than the 2022 Audi Q7 Black Edition Quattro. Highlighting Audi’s commitment to an excellent driving experience, the Q7 turns heads with a commanding road presence, impressive technology, and expected elegance. And as we have a wide range of nearly new Audi Q7 models available at Tangelo, we thought we’d explore the SUV further, specifically its design, practicality, technology, and performance…  

Exterior Design  

The Q7 Black Edition Quattro showcases an impressive exterior design that exudes modernity, elegance, and sportiness, with the special Black Edition package highlighting the Q7’s already sophisticated presence.  

At the front, the iconic single-frame grille takes centre stage, flanked by sleek LED headlights that not only provide excellent lighting but also lend a distinct visual appeal. The Black Edition package also brings a sense of exclusivity with its blacked-out accents, including the grille, window surrounds, and roof rails.

The side profile displays a balance between the Q7’s substantial size and graceful lines, this is highlighted by the sloping roofline that adds a touch of sportiness to the car without compromising on interior space. Adding to this are the 20-inch alloy wheels that contribute to the Q7's athletic stance. The rear design is characterized by stylish LED rear lights and a subtle integrated spoiler that offers a tasteful finish to the vehicle's design.

Overall, the 2022 Q7 successfully marries luxury and performance, appealing to individuals who value both style and substance in their car.

Interior and Practicality

Similar to the Q7’s exterior appearance, its interior exudes a perfect blend of luxury, sportiness, and practicality. On getting in, you’re greeted by a refined cabin that showcases meticulous attention to detail, with high-quality materials such as premium leather and brushed metal accents adorning the surfaces, creating an upscale ambiance.

The seats are another example of how the Black Edition really enhances the Audi Q7, with plush leather seats that provide ample support for long journeys. The Black Edition's unique touches such as black headliner and contrast stitching really add an extra layer of sophistication to the interior. Adding to this sophistication is just how quiet the ride is, and that’s down to the Q7’s sound insulation that ensures a serene driving experience.

Space and practicality are important factors when browsing for SUVs, and Audi offer plenty of this in the 2022 Q7. The second-row seats are spacious and offer various adjustment options,  the third-row seats provide added flexibility for carrying passengers, pets, or storage. The rear seats can be easily folded down to create a flat loading floor, expanding the already generous storage space.

Technology and Driver Assists

The 2022 Q7 boasts an impressive array of technology and driver assists that enhance convenience, safety, and the overall driving experience. At the heart of this is Audi’s MMI infotainment system which is anchored by a responsive touchscreen display. The system integrates easily with smartphone devices through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, providing easy access to navigation, music, calls, and more. The Black Edition’s Bang & Olufsen premium sound system sounds fantastic and further elevates the in-car entertainment experience.  

Audi's Virtual Cockpit is a standout feature, replacing traditional analog gauges with a customizable digital display that presents essential information right in the driver's line of sight, enhancing convenience and reducing distraction.

When it comes to driver assists, the Q7 Black Edition excels. Adaptive cruise control maintains a safe following distance and adjusts speed based on traffic conditions, whilst the lane departure warning and lane-keeping assist help to prevent unintended lane drift. Adding to this is Audi’s automated parking system that simplifies parking in tight spaces.

Audi Pre Sense technology takes safety a step further, offering features like pre-collision warning, automatic emergency braking, and pedestrian detection. Additionally, the Quattro all-wheel drive system enhances traction and stability, especially in challenging road conditions.

Performance and Handling

The Audi Q7 delivers an impressive blend of performance and handling, making it a versatile and engaging SUV to drive. Under the bonnet, the Q7 Black Edition is equipped with a potent 3.0L turbocharged V6 engine that delivers 500 NM of Torque, 335 BHP, and a top speed of 155mph.

The Quattro all-wheel-drive system is a hallmark of Audi performance, and ensures excellent traction and stability in various driving conditions, enhancing both performance and safety. The adaptive air suspension system contributes to the Q7's impressive ride comfort and handling and allows you to adjust the vehicle's ride height and damping.

Adding to the smooth handling is the SUV’s dynamic steering system which provides an extra layer of agility, making the Q7 feel more responsive and nimble around corners. The well-tuned suspension strikes a good balance between comfort and sportiness, while the precise steering and strong braking capabilities further contribute to the Q7's capable handling.

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