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Land Rover Defender 110 Review: Our Favourite Features

22 Sep 2023

If you're on the hunt for a used Land Rover Defender, then very few come close to the infamous Land Rover Defender first released 40 years ago. Fast forward to 2020, Land Rover launched a new chapter in the iconic Defender’s history with the Defender 110, introducing a completely redesigned model that holds on to its heritage and aura, yet offers a wide range of modern features and amenities that result in a fantastic driving experience.

The list of Land Rover Defender 110 features is long, as are the many driving benefits that come with them, so we thought we’d narrow it down to the new Land Rover specs and car technology that impressed us most; these are our five favourite features on the Land Rover Defender 110…  

All-Terrain Progress Control

Land Rover’s All-Terrain Progress Control is a state-of-the-art and industry-leading system designed with one objective in mind; to make off-road driving easier. Otherwise known as ATPC, this impressive tool automatically maintains a low vehicle speed and maximizes traction during off-road driving, so the driver can focus completely on the tricky terrain in front of them. To put it simply, it’s off-road cruise control!

Not only does ATPC limit wheel spin whilst you climb up and down uneven, slippery, and rocky terrains, but it gives the driver the comfort and time to assess any hazards ahead of them, meaning the world of off-roading has opened up to drivers of all experience and confidence.

Used Land Rover Defender

ClearSight Ground View

If the Defender’s ATPC wasn’t already impressive enough, Land Rover have gone even further with the 110’s impressive technology to offer the driver more support when off-road. ClearSight Ground View is genuinely quite impressive and certainly wowed the team when we first hopped in the car.

Using cameras placed on both front door mirrors and in the front grille of the car, the 110 can generate a virtual image of the terrain right in front of the bonnet and tires that is otherwise hidden by the enormity of the Defender’s front end. Projected on the main infotainment screen in the car, this virtual view of the road or terrain means drivers can easily spot hazardous objects or extreme terrain when off-road, and high curbs, tight parking spots, and hazards when on the road.

Offering a 180-degree view at speeds up to 18mph, the ClearSight Ground View tool is revolutionary when you consider its impact; suddenly one of the biggest cars on the market has become a lot easier to drive and maneuver.

Land Rover Defender Review

ClearSight Rear View

Similar in name and function, the Defender’s ClearSight Rear View system ‘mirrors’ the features of the Ground View camera, but at the rear of the car! First introduced to the market with the Land Rover Evoque, this rear-mounted camera offers a wide-angle view of the rear of the car, with the image projected in the car’s rearview mirror.

We’ll be honest, this feature surprised us on getting in the car… Being so used to glancing in a rearview mirror to check behind, suddenly we were gifted with a fish-eye lens in the tailgate of the car that offers a high quality and wide view of all that lays behind. What’s more is that drivers are able to adjust the brightness and height of this camera, and can also revert it to a traditional mirror. What this means is that you don’t have to worry about tall passengers in the back, or your cargo area piled high with hiking, dog-walking, or camping gear, you can get the most out of your Defender 110 at no safety cost at all!

Automatic Emergency Braking

Moving on to more on-road, regular driving features, the Defender’s Automatic Emergency Braking system was introduced to prevent outright, or reduce the impact of a forward collision. To do this, Land Rover have combined impressive radar scanners with even more front-facing cameras to offer drivers further frontal protection for road driving.

Traveling at speeds between 3 and 50 mph, the Defender will automatically apply the brakes to prevent a collision if danger is detected, and the driver will be warned of the danger before the brakes are applied. What this means is quite significant, because human error and failure to break is now out of the equation, allowing for a safer and more secure experience for the driver, and more safety for pedestrians around the vehicle.

The Hybrid Option

If you've already locked eyes on the Defender 110, but can't quite decide which model to opt for, then eco-conscious drivers will be delighted to learn about Land Rover's hybrid Defender! The Defender 110 P400e combines the heritage of the Defender with a modern hybrid powertrain, as well as a wide range of premium features. 

To learn more about the hybrid variant, we took the P400e out on an adventure in the Devon countryside to get to grips with its design, practicality, premium features, and much more... 

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Towing Technology

Land Rover’s award-winning towing technology makes it even easier for the ‘unlikely adventurer’ to tow anything from horseboxes to caravans and quad bikes. With a range of towing systems available that include the Electrically Deployable Tow Bar, the Detachable Tow Bar, and the Multi-Height Tow Bar, you’re sure to find a system that works for your needs.

Land Rover’s Tow Assist predicts the direction of the trailer when reversing, with guidelines appearing on the infotainment screen to highlight your trajectory. Advanced Tow Assist allows the driver to use the Terrain Response 2 controller to control the direction of their trailer, with trajectory lines once again displayed on the infotainment display.

The Tow Hitch Assist helps drivers easily and precisely connect the car to whatever it’s towing, again using the infotainment screen to support you. And finally, the Defender’s Surround Camera Assist offers drivers a 360-degree view of their car from the outside world, so you can see every angle of your car when maneuvering in tight spots.

Used Land Rover Defender 110

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